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Popular Search Engines History

When something must be sought on the internet, people usually go to the greatest Search Engines known today: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN Search, namely. The first one earned people’s trust a few years ago, and today, it is the most remembered when it comes to searching something on the internet. By simply typing a few words, people are able to find a list of sites with wanted contents, sourced by relevance and reliability.

There are several pages today, which pay a certain amount to these search engines in order to appear in the first or second place, just to increase their site’s traffic.
It all started out in the early 1993 with the first idea of these “spiderers”, by Matthew Gray. After its development, everything happened so fast. The famous Yahoo Search, for example, exists since long before many but its notoriety among public started to become more evident in 2002, when this company acquired the “Inktomi” and shortly after (in 2003) acquired “Overture”, a company that owned the famous “Altheweb” and “AltaVista”. Yahoo started partnership with Google, and in 2004 launched its own Search Engine based on combine technologies of its acquisitions and providing services that gave pre-eminence to Web search engine over directory.

Google (a giant of the Search engines) was created in 2001 and since then it only grew and reached more and more succes, and today, it is the Search Engine number one, when people got to research any kind of subject.

Microsoft did not let it happen without taking any kind of providence about this market niche. In 2004 it debuted a Beta version, the MSn bot, and today, the major search engine is the MSN Search, powered by the Bill Gates’ giant Microsoft.

Acually it would be correct to say that the Search engine Market is dominated by those three companies: Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. Despite not being so easy to make it work as it seems, there are many agreements and “laws” to define certain “global” ethic ways of showing results on these pages.

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